Participate in our research

Would you like to help us out by taking part in one of our research studies? Our lab conducts a number of experiments throughout the year for which we require a constant supply of participants. Experiments last between one and one-and-half hours and are incentivized, meaning that you will be paid for your participation. Typically participants will receive two payments: one is a show-up fee of $10 for attending the experiment, whilst the second is a performance fee, which is contingent upon the decisions each participant makes throughout the course of the experiment, and the decisions of other participants. The performance fee typically varies between $10 and $50 per experiment.

As well as earning money, the experiments are fun, provide a valuable learning experience, and offer you the chance to contribute to a novel piece of research.


Anyone who is over 18 years of age is eligible to take part in experiments conducted in the lab. Most of our participants are University students attending UWA but we warmly welcome individuals from outside the University community. We greatly appreciate the contribution of participants to our research.


All experiments conducted in the laboratory undergo rigerous assessment by the Human Research Ethics Office of the University of Western Australia. There are no risks associated with taking part in experiments and you will not be subjected to harm. No experiments performed in the lab involve deception.

How do I take part?

All experiments performed in the lab are administered by the Online Recruitment System for Economic Experiments (ORSEE). You will first need to register for an account with ORSEE, after which you will be able to view and sign up for experiments by logging into the system. You will also be added to a mailing list of people who will receive invitations to take part in specific experiments. Participation in these experiments is entirely voluntary and you can always choose to decline the invitation to participate.

Before registering with ORSEE, please inspect our privacy policy and rules for participants. If you have a question then please consult our frequently asked questions page. Should you be unable to find an answer to your query then please send an email to the lab administrator (with "BEL-ORSEE Query" in the subject line) who will promptly respond to your enquiry.